About Us _____

Linda and Vic moved to northeast Tennessee after living most of their lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Vic had a long and very distinguished career in law enforcement and Linda was working in the criminal justice system when they met. Though technically retired,the truth is that their lives simply took on a new direction when they ventured into farm living. There are always multiple projects going on around Mendin' Fences and the city-slicker learning curve is a constant source of stories to tell on themselves.

How We Got Here
People often ask us how we ended up here, in this corner of northeast Tennessee. Well, we were looking for a vacation place ... something different from Florida. We looked in Georgia, South and North Carolina. And then one day, we saw an ad for property up this way: "33 acres for $30,000". Ha. Of course we had to check that out! Okay, it wasn't quite as the ad described. In fact, it was nothing like it was described. Alright ... it may have actually been 30 acres. Straight up and down and only about an acre where you could actually walk. Mmmm. Still, it got us up this way and we eventually found 12 much more suitable acres and another 6 next door once we realized how much we liked the area.

We built a cabin about 30 minutes from where we now live. We found we liked the area so much, we decided to try increasing our time away from Florida and try rural living in a little more intensive way. We added a barn and then we added a mare and foal to our one-horse herd so, of course, we needed more pasture and ... well, one thing led to another. Ultimately, we decided we wanted to live here full-time.

The next search led us to this property. 70 acres! What were we thinking??! It's a LOT of work, especially with someone like Vic who has a "should-look-like-a-national park" mentality. We do love it here, though. It was a wonderful move and we are grateful every day for being a part of this beautiful farm.

Our search for the perfect place was always with the condition that it would also be suitable as a horse educational facility. Both Vic and I had been involved in training during our careers. (Vic more than me but, hey, he's got a few years on me! ) Once we started attending some clinics, we felt there was a real need in the horseworld for quality education and organization. We began to think that maybe we could combine our career backgrounds with our new equine life. This led us to creating this facility -- rustic and comfortable -- and to seeking out those clinicians who were skilled at working with horses but who could also share their expertise with students in a respectful as well as knowledgeable way.

We've been here since 1998. You cannot believe the changes in the house, the barns, and the land. Nothing that has altered the integrity of the original layout -- just lots of ... enhancements.

We hope you'll join us here for your own learning retreat.

If you'd like to know more about our business backgrounds or the more "traditional" work we continue to do, please go to our
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