Registration Forms _____

Registration Forms:

All-Inclusive Registration Fees For Riders:
Intensive Week = $2,350
Regular Week = $1,800

We do our very best to keep fees as economical as possible. ALL fees are subject to change.

Please note that these are ADULT Horsemanship Clinics. On rare occasion, a serious student under the age of 18 MAY be permitted to attend. This must be approved in advance.

  • Notes of Interest:
  • We now have set up the Cabin (located by the Bunkhouse) and are renting it on Airbnb. If you would like to rent the Cabin, the rate is $75 per night. You can see details and photos here. (Non-Residential is for OFF SITE registrations, usually used by local students or people staying in a hotel or elsewhere; however, if
  • you rent the cabin, we will permit you to use the Non-Residential rate. It’s a little bit of a discount.)

  • Inntensive Format Weeks : Because the Intensive Week is set up as a seminar format, we discourage daily auditing. This does not mean you cannot attend but please contact me regarding a daily audit and we can discuss which days will work for your schedule and for the clinic environment. ** please read info at the end of this page

All-Inclusive Registration Fees for Auditors:

  • There are various options for auditors. Review the Auditor Registration Form for Residential, Non-Residential, Daily, Etc.
  • Auditor registration includes clinic fees, breakfast and lunch; bunkhouse and some dinners for residential stays.


** Daily Auditing during an Intensive Week --

A few words about daily auditing. In the past, we have not permitted pop-in daily auditors at Intensive clinics. This is because this format is set up as a seminar-type week. There is continuity from one day to the next. Layers are added each day, creating a new situation.

We will not discourage you from attending on a daily basis -- only ask that you understand the format for students.

Please let me know when you’ll be attending at least 24 hours in advance.

If you have never seen Harry’s work and you would like to attend a day or two, please contact me so we can discuss which days are the most beneficial and match that with you schedule.

We want anyone interested to be able to witness Harry’s work. We will do all we can to get folks into the clinic in the most helpful way to them and the least disruptive way to the “seminar” environment.