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About Us

Mendin' Fences is dedicated to creating a comfortable learning atmosphere for students of horsemanship.     

We seek out clinicians whose approach and philosophy is based upon understanding the nature of horses and all animals ... their needs and instincts.


And because we are committed to quality education,

we host clinicians who are not only experts in their field

but who are also good teachers.

If you are looking for a place where you can grow and learn from national experts in a supportive and FUN environment … we welcome you to Mendin' Fences.

About the Facility

While the Facility is used primarily for horse activities, we have had several weddings and multiple weekend seminars take advantage of the housing and classroom.

The covered arena is 50' by 80' so we can easily continue on through rain or heat.  Round pen option within the covered arena.  The outdoor grass arena is 85' by 150'.  Each area has covered seated viewing for students.

For student accommodations, we have a Bunkhouse and a Bunkroom.  There are 10 covered stalls for the horses and

5 hookups for trailers.  Water and electricity; no sewer.

We also have an independent cabin that is available for

rental during clinics as well as the rest of the year.

Below are drone photos

taken for us in May of 2019

by Harry Whitney student, John Singleton


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