Frequently Asked Questions


When can I arrive and when do I leave?

Generally people arrive the day before their clinic week begins and leave the morning after their clinic week ends. We prefer you arrive in the afternoon. Those traveling great distances may be permitted to arrive a day earlier so that their horses can recuperate. In this case, please indicate this on your Registration Form and include the extra night of housing and stalling. Please text Linda when you are approximately 15 minutes from the farm so someone can meet you at the parking area. IMPORTANT: in this situation, please know that you will be "on your own" for meals and such. We will, of course, help you and your horse get settled into your appropriate locations. Orientation about the agenda and specifics about the clinic will be discussed at orientation the evening before the clinic starts.

What should I bring for myself?

You are coming to a beautiful part of the country! The weather is generally mild but wetter in Spring and, yes, it does get hot. But, remember that covered arena. It really does make a big difference. There is also covered viewing in each area.

  • jacket/sweatshirt for cooler morning
  • rain gear
  • sunscreen, hat, favorite chair (optional - we do have chairs here)
  • riding clothes
  • casual clothes
  • helmet
  • riding boots
  • BATH TOWEL - we supply linens and blanket
  • favorite pillow if you'd like
  • we have hair dryers here as well as shampoo and conditioner
  • prescriptions
  • personal comfort items

Food - What can I expect for meals?

We have breakfast and lunch for you every day of the clinic. There are also 2 to 3 dinners included. On the "off" nights, people usually get together and order pizza or go into town to one of the local restaurants. There are also nearby grocery stores and you are welcome to prepare your own meals as long as you clean up the kitchen when finished. A variety of foods are prepared and there is generally no issue with anyone not getting enough to eat. That said, this is not a buffet and we expect students to be aware of others included in the meal. You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks. We have coffee and tea available and pitchers of filtered water. Special Diets: We are unable to accommodate special needs for individual diets so please be prepared to bring any specific food you may need. We absolutely do what we can to provide suitable meals but we are cooking for the group. If you are a vegetarian/vegan, let us know and we will, when we can, set aside any meat products or make a meat-free version when cooking the other. Same for dairy items. NOTE: There is a regular-sized refrigerator in the Pavilion for students to use.

What should I bring for my Horse?

What should I bring for my horse?

  • Coggins and Health Certificate -- While we will not check your Health Certificate, most states require them when traveling between states. We will check your Coggins when you arrive but you may also email it ahead of time.
  • Tack -- Bring what you usually use and anything you'd like the clinician to check for you. Saddles, halters, lead ropes, bridles, sidepulls, pads, etc. It does NOT matter what type of tack you have -- Western or English -- rope or web. This is not about the tack, it's about the inside of you and your horse.
  • General Horse Supplies -- We have shavings and hay available but you do need to bring water buckets, feed pans, feed, supplements, fly masks and fly spray.
  • Stalls -- we have manure buckets and forks available. Students are responsible for cleaning their own stalls.

Where will I stay?

We have a very nice Bunkhouse with 10 beds. It has a shower and a toilet as well as a small refrigerator and sink. There is also a/c and heat. Generally, we try to keep it at 6 to 8 people in the Bunkhouse. We also have a Bunkroom for overflow, spouses, or special groups. The Bunkroom has 5 beds and a shower. It also has a/c and heat. The Intensive clinics have become so popular that we have started, on occasion, using our travel trailer, Esmeralda, to house 2 people. This is totally at our discretion based upon space needs and cannot be reserved. We do have a cabin that we have on Airbnb. We take it off that calendar during clinic season and it is available for students to rent. This is also first-requested, first-reserved. This is only our second year having the cabin available so, honestly, we are still feeling our way through that process. Remember, housing is included in your all-inclusive registration. The cabin is NOT included in that registration.

Clinic Formats

So, what can I expect/how are these clinics different than others?

Glad you asked ...

  • Any clinic we host includes a clinician who is willing to engage with the students and answer questions.
  • There is also discussion time during and after each meal.
  • Students are to be respectful of each other. While questions are encouraged, students should be aware that questions should be appropriate to what is happening at the time and phrased in a way that is, again, respectful to the student in the arena.
  • If you have a question that comes to mind that is not related to what is happening, hang onto it and ask during a meal discussion. Or ... you can put the question on a card in the "Burning Questions" box to be answered when time permits.

What kinds of things can we work on?

The focus is for you and Harry to determine. There is no set routine or program. This is all for you and horse current horse situation. Really. We often see general attention issues, trailer loading, body issues, gait issues. You just never know what one day to the next will bring. Cool, huh?

Can I bring two horses?

During the Intensives, only one horse can be used for the entire clinic. During the Regulars, you may alternate with two horses. Some people like to bring an additional horse for a variety of reasons and your only obligation will be to pay for the extra stalling.

Financial Things

When is my full payment due?

On the Registration Form, there is a small chart indicating payment/cancellation dates. All money, however, must be received no later than one month prior to your riding week.

How can I pay for the clinic?

You may pay in check or cash and you can make payments throughout the year. We are unable to take credit cards at this time; however, if you would like to use PayPal for non-credit card payments, that is fine. All payments must be in U.S. dollars.

When can I give you a deposit for the following year?

The short answer is anytime you'd like. The longer answer is that you should put your deposit in as soon as you think you might want to participate the following year. At the end of every clinic season, we usually have weeks already filled for the next year. Really. Spots are made first-in, first-choice. Here is the process:

  • Deposits are taken and noted the date they arrive. We use these deposits to determine how many weeks are needed for the following year. Harry then decides when he will come and for how many weeks.
  • We set up a tentative schedule and send it out to the people with deposits in. Shuffling occurs.
  • We do NOT put the deposits in the bank until the following January. You may postdate your checks.
  • After January, we send a notice out to let you know that the checks will be deposited and we firm up the spots for each week. More shuffling occurs.

What about the Cabin ... how does that work?

During the clinics, we take the Cabin off the books with Airbnb. We give students a discount of $65 per night. A maximum of 3 people are permitted in the Cabin. Rental for the clinics is first-requested, first-reserved. If you would like to see pictures of the Cabin, you can go here.

We are so glad you will be joining us!  Vic and I have worked hard to create a facility that is friendly and supportive ... a place where students leave feeling that they have learned valuable lessons that will help them once they get home.

If this is your first visit to Mendin' Fences, we hope the following information will answer questions and make you feel more comfortable with this "adventure".  If you still have questions, please contact us!

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