Registration for Clinics - 2023



Registration Forms are not available at this time.

Due to some (good) changes,

we still have to iron out some of the details.


All-inclusive for the Whitney Clinics for Riders and Auditors means: 

  • registration fee

  • stalling for your horse for the week (riders)

  • housing for you in the Bunkhouse or other areas for the week

  • all breakfasts and lunches and some dinners


Intensive:  $400

Regular:     $200

Auditor On-Site:  $200 (Int) and $100 (Reg)

Auditor Deposits are new this year

Of Other Interest - Cabin Reservations:

Occasionally people want to rent the Airbnb cabin during the time clinic. THIS year, we will be taking reservation requests, along with $100 check deposit. Those checks will be used for a   the "lottery" --- a hat --- a drawing.  Names not chosen or are unable to work their schedule to the cabin availability will receive their checks back.

Please make checks to:  BTE, Inc

    ** We are able to take PayPal for non-credit-card payments.