5/6/20... Due to the coronavirus, clinic dates have changed. 

In addition to the many other safety measure we will be taking, we will be limiting the number of Auditors permitted to attend each day.

Please stay in contact with us for the latest information regarding the 2020 Clinic Season.

The best way to do that is to sign up for the mailing list and/or go to the Mendin' Fences Farm Facebook page.

Harry Whitney

Horsemanship Education - 2020

June 13 - 18 (Intensive); June 20 - 25 (Intensive); June 29 - July 3 (Regular)

Harry has been coming to Mendin' Fences since 2002.  There is a reason people decide to study with Harry ... he presents students with the understanding of how to create a strong relationship with their horses that, well, that feels good to the person and to the horse.  He gives students realistic and practical skills that they can take home with them.  

Harry's clinics can be personally challenging.  With Harry, students must THINK about the nature of the horse and be willing to adjust themselves to create the attentiveness, relaxation, and connectedness with their horse.  This can require some introspection and a commitment to try new approaches.  That said, as long as the student is inquisitive and willing to try ... Harry will hang in there with you until you feel comfortable with a concept.

Harry always tailors sessions to the student and horse so you will see a variety of situations but they are all designed to address the real issue, not just the symptoms.

We have two types of formats during his clinic season:

Intensive -- 

this includes 5 horses over 6 days.  The first 4 days, Harry exclusively works with each horse; the last 2 days, the student is coached by Harry.  These have been very popular clinics because of the extended time that Harry is doing the actual training.

Traditional -- 

this includes 6 horses over 5 days.  Each horse/rider receives one-on-one attention each days.  Harry will help out as much as needed while coaching the student.  This format is also popular and is simply a matter of choosing which format works best for you and your horse at that particular time.

All clinics are all-inclusive which means on-site housing for you and your horse, many meals, and lots of discussion time.

Auditors are welcome and an integral part of the clinic weeks.


Note: 2020 Rider Registration Forms are available.  Auditor Registration Forms will be up shortly.

For more information about Harry --> Here

Jillian Kreinbring

Biomechanics and Riding - 2020

September 4 - 8

Jill's passion is Biomechanics and she brings that passion to her lecture series that includes Anatomy, Rhythm, Postural Strength, and Suppleness.  She is a truly gifted instructor and, honestly, she can make that stuff soooo interesting!  Jill is a perpetual student and "draws upon Classical Dressage principals and her roots in the Western horse arena."

Jill is also an outstanding riding coach.  The reason is ... she looks at the whole picture and helps the rider make adjustments in their bodies but also addresses how the horse is being affected and what can be done to help a situation (weakness in one hind end, shoulder falling in, etc.).  It's true that there are others out in the clinic world who know about riding and those who know about biomechanics but I have not seen any that put it together in such a supportive and informative way.  Did I mention that she is fun and funny?

Update:  This has proven to be a VERY popular format and Jillian has agreed to do another one in 2020.  Please note these changes from Jillian's clinic requirements: 

  • Two categories:  Riders and Non-Riders

  • Non-Riders receive all the same lectures and materials and any other hands-on activities as Riders.  They simply do not have a personal horse at the clinic.

  • Non-Riders students will need to register for their spot by making a deposit by July 1, 2020.

Registration fees are not set for 2020 - please be patient since we are transitioning to the new requirements.


Immersion - Riders and Non-Riders

This format is:

  • Limited to SIX riding spots -- one on one lessons each day; Mini-lectures (new topics): 

    • Rhythm, Relaxation, Suppleness and more!

    • Printed booklet with all written materials as well as all the photos used in the lectures.

  • Discussion at each meal with plenty of time for Q&A​; All-inclusive clinic: registration fee, stalling, bunkhouse, most meals.


Deposits of $200 can be sent in with a July 1, 2020 postdate.  This will secure your name on the rider waiting list as well as a spot as a Non-Rider. Deposits are not put in the bank until a spot is confirmed.​

To learn more about Jillian --> go Here 

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